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One home, a million stories

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In 1976, Mobilitop, then registered under the name "Societe Moderne pour le Commerce et Lindustrie s.a.r.l." was a family owned furniture business offering its clientele a wide range of products at a high quality/price ratio. Soon after it has been founded, the Mobilitop concept was immediately a success. Sales started rising and customer satisfaction was increasing despite the war and political instability. In February 2002, Mobilitop brand name was registered under the joint stock company "Mobili Uno s.a.l". The new company introduced new products like decorative objects, lighting, carpets, beddings, tableware, and modern furniture with the target of becoming a "one-stop shop" for its customers’ home needs. Purchasing Managers of the company travel to Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Turkey, China and Malaysia to find the best manufacturers who meet their specifications. Customers can expect to see at Mobilitop styles and home trends (once only available at fancy and expensive furniture studios) at affordable prices. Thanks to Mobilitop’s unparalleled purchasing power, the company’s cost is considerably less. This is directly reflected on the company’s selling prices, which become more competitive than those of its market competitors. In 2003, Mobilitop expanded to 15,000 square meters of display and warehouse in a new location on Nahr El Mot Highway. This location provided the much-needed room for Mobilitop’s expanding business into new home furnishings for every taste.

Competition has compelled Mobilitop to embark in projects demanding a solid backup in quality products and quality control, creating a niche of its own. In order to cope with this new quality vision of the Lebanese market, Mobilitop has, in addition to its expertise and know-how, installation teams that enhance and confirm its foothold in the national Lebanese market. Today Mobilitop has expanded its showroom to occupy an area of more than 25,000 square meters of display. This mega-size showroom provides the much-needed room for Mobilitop’s expanding business into new furnishings for every taste. With the company’s newly designed showroom space, Mobilitop dedicated two "shop in shop" stores. The first store is dedicated to the famous leather sofas world manufacturer Kuka. And the second store for the worlds high quality designer and manufacturer of bedrooms Concept. Our 40 years of experience and thorough understanding of the Lebanese market, in addition to our credibility, our unparalleled after sales services, which led to our customers loyalty, made us one of the most renowned leaders in the art of lifestyle selling and manufacturing.


Quality Policy
Mobilitop has set a Strategic Enterprise Objective translated in its Quality Management System Conceived in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 international standard. We are committed to a policy of products and services quality in order to achieve customer satisfaction; we continually work so that this policy is communicated, understood, implemented, maintained and improved throughout the organization.

Our Mission
At Mobilitop, we understand your goal of having a warm and inviting home - not just a house. We offer a wide range of furniture and accessories products at a high quality/price ratio.


We aim at expanding the business and, ultimately, at making Mobilitop become the biggest furniture showroom in Lebanon and definitely one of the biggest in the Middle East.

Our Values
We only purchase and provide our customers with high quality products and we offer unparalleled services. We pledge full commitment to meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. We are dedicated to standardized management practices and customer servicing excellence. We treat our people with dignity and respect, and we continuously work with their development. We concentrate on achieving a good ROI for all your enterprise stakeholders.

Competitive Advantages
Thanks to Mobilitop’s unparalleled buying power, our cost is considerably less, thus prices are significantly competitive. The company’s main competitive advantage is represented with its capability to abide by the needs of customers with its unbeatable flexibility strategy. Mobilitop is capable with its owned furniture making factories and its interior design department to fulfill all your needs and requirements by providing you with customized furniture meant to be in harmony with your own home styles, colors, and sizes. Our friendly, professional sales associates go out of their way to make you feel as welcome and comfortable in our store as you want your guests to be in your home. New innovative products are continuously introduced. They range from home furniture, decorative objects, lighting, carpets, beddings, tableware, wallpaper, to curtains, flooring, outdoor and office furniture. Bringing together an incredible collection of home furnishing, Mobilitop is in fact one of the few One Stop Shop in Lebanon.

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